Frankfurt am Main


Frankfurt am Main


June 14, 2023


1Day Seminar


START 10:00 AM

Welcome & Introduction
Capitalization and Taxes

Fundamentals of the Tax System in the USA

Taxation of U.S. Companies and their Shareholders in Germany

Company Formations and Tax Effects USA / Germany

Pitfall: U.S. Business Establishment

Posting Employees Abroad

Sales & Use Tax

Legal Requirements

Legal Do’s and Don’ts

Sales – Unrecognized Opportunities

Liability & Drafting of Contracts

Assemblies – Hurdles for Mechanical Engineers

Our guest speaker:  Marcus Schmauder – LBBW
Banking & Finance

Local Financing of U.S. subsidiaries

Standby Letters of Credit



Market Entry

U.S. Credit History

Intercompany Financing


General Overview U.S. Insurance Market

Comparison with the German Insurance Market

U.S. Specific Insurance Requirements

International Insurance Programs

Analyses of Major Insurance Lines in the U.S.

Employee Benefits in the U.S.

Marketing & Sales

Market development: Typical difficulties and risks

Preparing for market entry: market intelligence comes before market entry

Guide to market entry: Checklist

USA – The world champions in marketing

Ways to successful marketing communication

Successful sales concepts for the US

Our guest speaker:  Tilman Bender – T. H. Bender & Partners, Inc.

Current trends in the American labor market

What are key metrics defining a successful recruiting process? Key Stage Gates of the American Executive Recruiting Process

Cash Compensation – high but no longer a steep curve

Mission critical – what variable cash compensation elements are relevant to land the ‘dream candidate’?

Hidden compensation elements – almost always overlooked and what tools are available to German companies?

What tools are successful to run payroll and offering Fortune 500-level benefits while keeping costs at an acceptable level?

Open floor – Q&A session

04:00 PM



Maik Friebe

Maik Friebe

Partner | WP | StB | CPA

Christophe Van Gool

Christophe Van Gool

Director Global Solutions

Max Kichniawy

Max Kichniawy


Hans-Michael Kraus

Hans-Michael Kraus

German Attorney at Law

Tilman H. Bender

Tilman H. Bender

Managing Partner

Markus Schmauder

Markus Schmauder

Executive Director


Frankfurt am Main

This seminar is in Frankfurt am Main. Whether you are planning a U.S. market entry or already doing business in the U.S., our expert team will provide you with valuable insights and useful tips. The comprehensive topics include various legal matters, U.S. tax, market entry preparation, insurance & risk management, as well as HR & recruiting. Our speakers will also share best practice cases, strategic advice and are available throughout the day for extensive Q&A.  


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